Are You Depressed?

Find out if you have depression and if you would benefit from talking to a mental health professional.​

What is Depression?

Depressed mood often leads to feelings of sadness, hopelessness, discouragement or “down in the dumps”. 

In some cases, you may deny sadness at first but a friend or family member notices it from your facial expressions and/or demeanor. (“You look like you’re about to cry” being an example). 

You may complain of feeling “blah”, having no feelings, or feeling anxious. 

It is possible that instead of feeling sadness, you have bodily aches and pains or increased irritability. (For example: persistent anger, a tendency to respond to events with angry outbursts or blaming others, an exaggerated sense of frustration over minor matters).

In children and adolescents, an irritable or cranky mood may develop rather than a sad or dejected mood.