Simple Man documents what he believes is an increase in his testosterone after 30 days of doing pushups.

Before he started, he was often feeling lethargic, which is a pretty common sign of low testosterone levels. After 30 days of pushups, he felt great and after testing himself found that his testosterone levels were actually pretty high.

He attributes his high testosterone level to the pushups.

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Let me ask you four questions:

  1. Are you committed to completing this pushup challenge? (if so, go to #2)
  2. Do you want to avoid the wrist pain that often comes with doing a large number of pushups each day? (If yes, go to #3)
  3. Do you want to skip having to tinker with your form until you find a one that is easier on your wrists? (If yes, go to #4)
  4. Then you need the Perfect Pushup

For me, after spending years playing tennis, I have numerous sore joins – my wrists being the worst of the bunch.

This is the main reason I have a love-hate relationship with pushups.

Don’t get me wrong, pushups are a terrific, full-body workout, but after a few sets my wrists are always so sore I can’t go on. It literally saps my motivation as I spend too much mental energy tinkering with my form. 

This is one of the main reasons people don’t finish this challenge: they can’t fight through sore wrists. 

This is why I love the Perfect Pushup

The Perfect Pushup is a device that promises to deliver the perfect pushup form … every, single time. 

The device is simple enough: it’s a pair of pushup handles that rotate as you do your pushup. This rotation allows your chest, arm and shoulder muscles to rotate the way they naturally would when performing a move such as a pushup, which also neutralizes the angle on your wrist which reduces the stress.

I decided to get a pair and try them out for myself and I was not disappointed. Not only has my wrist pain diminished, but all of my joints have less stress on them due to the added rotation of the handles. 

Additionally, they force you into a perfect form so you are never doing a weak push up without realizing it. 

I would recommend the Perfect Pushup to anyone who is serious about completing this challenge. No need to break out old wrist braces or endlessly work on your pushup form. 

Let the Perfect Pushup do it for you!